fecal incontinence
in bedridden patients is the first step towards managing it

What is Fecal Incontinence?

The inability to control bowel movements is known as Fecal Incontinence (FI). Ranging from minor accidental stool leakage to complete loss of bowel control, FI often presents challenging situations for patients, families, and care providers when managing the condition.

Causes of FI can widely vary from diarrhea or constipation to nerve disruption or muscle damage. No matter what the cause, FI is unpleasant and inconvenient for all involved.

Health Risks Associated with FI

While FI may only seem like an embarrassing and unpleasant condition at first glance, it can lead to painful and costly health complications if mismanaged.

Bedsores and skin breakdown can occur
when skin is exposed to constant pressure.
These complications are dramatically accelerated
in the presence of moisture and pathogens from stool.

Bedsores and skin breakdown

Infections can both spread because of FI
mismanagement as well as actually cause some
patients to develop FI.


Drawbacks of Current FI Management Products

Current Management

Get introduced to a new standard of care for FI

In light of these risks and fueled by a desire to provide a more compassionate healthcare environment, Consure Medical has created QoraTM a USFDA cleared stool management kit.

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