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Fecal management in surgical patients is a challenging task. Here's a case report depicting the benefits of a fecal management solution for a patient with Fournier's Gangrene. Here's a clinical case report.


Qora SMK has been clinically proven as the safe, efficient and superior alternative to existing closed-system solutions for fecal management. Here's a clinical study abstract.

Upcoming Publications

Clinical Evaluation of Novel Intrarectal Device for Management of Fecal Incontinence in Bed-ridden Patients (Awaiting publication in Q1-2018)

Evaluating the Clinical and Health-Economic Effectiveness of a Novel Device for Fecal Management in Bed-Ridden Patients with Little to No Bowel Control (Compilation Stage)


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QoraTM Introduction

A sneak peek at our novel fecal management solution


Qora is the perfect solution to control hospital-wide infection spread and prevent cross contamination.


Understand how Qora helps in maintaining the skin integrity which could otherwise lead to costly complications.


Get to know the ways in which Qora can significantly reduce both daily and annual cost burden.


Qora TM Advantage Abstracts

Benefits of using Qora when compared to traditional fecal management solutions.